The beautiful City of Angels is also known as the city of flowers and sunshine! Yes, this city I am talking about is called Los Angeles, California, home to Los Angeles is truly the entertainment capital of the world today and has much to offer anyone curious enough to visit the popular city in California.
An ethical and cultural mecca flourishing with over 100 creative, world-class museums and very idyllic weather now and then, L.A. is famous for its well-known tourist attractions like the Walk of Fame’s group of stars. L.A. offers lots of great career opportunities in the ever-growing technology field and is also on the forefront of many unique growing industries too.
The City of Angels’ downtown metropolitan area is known in hosting well over 23,000 creative art positions and is the United States major artistic center over all, even overdoing the state of New York. Surprisingly enough, the great city houses a much larger number of growing artists than New York as well.
With over a whopping 700,000 successful individuals working in the health field and close to 200,000 individuals working in the area of aerospace, the city of Los Angeles is truly recognized as the leading tourism marketing organization. Moving on to a new and exciting city can be both difficult and a little disjointed to say the least. Especially when you move to a very busy and culture-filled city like that of Los Angeles.
So, talking about things others are familiar with, truly binds all the happy native Angelenos together in the end.


Yes, Los Angeles is the land of terrible earthquakes and many former earthquakes have definitely traumatized the whole region. But, L.A. has always seemed to victoriously bounce back even stronger than ever, nonetheless. The Long Beach Earthquake of 1933 was an enormous 6.3 magnitude earthquake that was once seen as “the most deadliest seismic earthquake in all of Southern California recorded history” when it hit. This tragic earthquake ended up killing 120 individuals and some believe that it actually may have been caused by drilling for oil.

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The city of L.A. is rich in cultural history and has a long historical timeline of significant events that have occurred throughout the years. It wasn’t until the year 1850 that Los Angeles, California became officially incorporated as a municipality and the state of California eventually became the 30th in the whole union. Four years later, the first official Jewish services became held in Los Angeles, and eventually in 1855, L.A. finally would get it’s first ever schoolhouse. In 1865, the Civil War would end and many African Americans would essentially begin to journey on to Los Angeles, California in large numbers. In 1866, the Los Angeles Town Square became officially created and would later on become renamed Pershing Square. Two year later in 1868, the beautiful nighttime views of the City of Angels would officially begin as well, with the coming up of streetlights.

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Ok, we all know that Los Angeles is a pretty awesome place to live in thanks to the wonderful weather, cool museums, great activities, and world-class restaurants. But, what is considered the citty of Los Angeles? Well, the city itself is around 462 square miles of land mass that has over 3.8 million of people residing in literally several neighborhoods. If you didn’t know, the north-part section of the city of Los Angeles is well-contained in the huge San Fernando Valley as well. Go ahead and take advantage of each and everything fun this big city has to offer you as long as it is something safe to do. In the meantime, why not indulge in an elegant-cooked dinner prepared by L.A.’s top chefs or go walk somewhere where you can get a great view of the active ocean water at nighttime. You will surely be shocked at just how beautiful the water at night is and just how worth-seeing it is too. You can also take several traffic-free drives casually driving the highways without the hassle of lots of traffic, watch the romantic sunset right over Venice Beach, or even visit the beautiful L.A. County Arboretum And Botanical Garden. Anyway, if you are one to wonder off to the Los Angeles Arboretum, be prepared to see a flock of gorgeous and happy peacocks…..who will have no idea why you will be wearing a COVID-19 mask. Just remember, make sure you do wear your mask and keep the six-foot distance if you do go and explore.

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