Moving Boxes & Supplies

REAL RocknRoll offers the highest quality moving boxes and supplies to help you get ‘er done! All you need to do is give us a call, share details about your move with us, and we’ll send you a free supplies quote.

High-Quality Moving Supplies For Your Move Day

Real RocknRoll Movers Los Angeles offers a full line of moving boxes and packing supplies at very affordable prices. We have boxes in almost every size, including specialty boxes for packing your dishes, glassware, and mattress bags. Our packing supplies also include packing paper, markers, bubble wrap, stretch wrap, tape, and moving pads. 

Our Moving Boxes & Supplies 

  • Small Boxes

Our smallest packing box is 1.5 cubic feet. This box has enough room to pack up your books, record box, cans, jars, shoes, flatware, and other items. 

  • Medium Boxes

Our medium box measures 3 cubic feet and is often used in addition to the small box. If you have any hand held items, household items or small home appliances –even children’s toys at home, this box is perfect for packing them safely. 

  • Large Boxes

These are the biggest boxes we have. Large boxes are 4.5 cubic feet and are best used for packing large objects like large stuffed animals, bedding, pillows, towels, clothing, etc. 

  • Tape Rolls

Once you have your boxes, you’ll need to seal them closed with high-quality packing tape. Our standard plastic tape is 1.5 inches (3.81cm) to 2 inches (5.08cm) wide, and works the best for sealing your boxes. Depending on how many boxes you need to seal, you may need a few extra rolls of tape. 

  • Bubble Wrap

For packing those delicate and fragile items, you need to make sure they are secure in bubble wrap. Bubble wrap has hundreds of tiny air cushions or bubbles that helps provide additional cushion and support in a moving box. For example, if you are moving large, fragile items like pictures or lamps, bubble wrap protects and prevents them from breaking. You should also wrap other small and delicate items. 

  • Packing Paper

Packing paper helps prevent scratches on your everyday items. When crunched up, you can also use packing paper as both a buffer and a cushion to protect fragile items from chipping, cracking and breaking. At REAL RocknRoll Movers, we have the best quality packing paper that will protect your everyday items from damages, ensuring a damage-free move of your items.

  • Large Stretch Wrap

Our large stretch wrap is a highly stretchable plastic film that will literally wraps your item together. Stretch wrap not only protects loose items from moving around, it also secures items together making them easier to transport. It has a tremendous elastic recovery, which helps to keep the things tightly bound together. It is often used to secure palletized boxes, buckets, wire reels, electronics, canned beverages, wood, tires, furniture, medical products and much more. 

  • Wardrobe Boxes

Of course, your clothes have to be transported with all of your other household items. Why not move them on hangers, instead of stuffing them? This way you can seamlessly take them from your closet into a box and transfer them right into your new closet space! Our high-quality wardrobe boxes have a metal bar on the top of the box where you can hang all of your clothes. 

  • Mattress Bags

Throwing your mattress in the back of your moving truck isn’t the best practice, and it doesn’t look professional as well. Mattress bags also keep your mattress clean during transport. That is why we have mattress bags available that will cover mattresses of any size, and ensure that your cozy friend is safe from getting dirty or bent out of shape while in transit.

If you are ready for your move, our team is prepared to deliver moving boxes and supplies at your doorstep. All you need to do is give us a call, discuss all the information about your move and get your free quote. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I need to book my move?

At least 2 weeks is always preferred. The end of the month is the busiest time for moving, so please contact us well in advance to make sure that we have availability. Weekends are people’s preferred move days, so if you have the flexibility to move during the week, we can often accommodate moves with shorter notice.

Are you licensed and insured? Are your movers background checked?

Yes. We are licensed with the state of California ( Cal-T 190785) and the US Dept. of Transportation (USDOT# 3196979). We fully insured with Liability Insurance, Cargo Insurance and Workers Comp Insurance..

Do you pack my stuff or should I do it?

We offer full packing services at great rates. They would need to be scheduled when your move is booked. In the event you do not schedule packing services and choose to pack yourself, all items will need to packed and ready to go prior to our arrival on move day.

What is your delivery range?

We perform moves anywhere within CA. We do not offer interstate moving at this time.

Do you have moving pads, wrapping supplies, dollies and straps for the job?

Yes. Our trucks come equipped with all necessary dollies and equipment to handle your move successfully. All furniture items are covered with moving pads and then stretch wrapped to ensure safe

Can you tell me exactly how much my move will cost me?

Because there are so many variables and every situation is so unique, it’s hard to provide an exact quote for a move. The info you provide helps us give you an estimate and can help get a ballpark figure for the job. We provide a Not To Exceed price for all moves.