7 Ways To Speed Up Your Move & Save Money

Below are some tips and valuable info to help you prepare for your move with REAL RocknRoll Movers. These tips will help make the move faster and smoother and will save you money.

1. Keep it Simple:

Being organized really helps. You can greatly expedite your move by making a nice organized pile of boxes for your movers. We usually take boxes and the heaviest items first. Then leave the smaller pieces and odds & ends for the end. Take things out of the closets if you want them moved. We also prefer that all dressers and other furniture items are empty so they are easily and safely handled.

2. Boxin’:

Be sure to box as many of the loose items as you can. Having unboxed items means several trips to the truck and that adds up fast. Try and pack your electronics in the original boxes. Transporting your flat screen TV in the original packaging is always the safest way for it to travel. Be sure all boxes are sealed with tape and aren’t just folded over. This helps with stacking and “tetrising” in the moving truck. If you can afford new boxes, they are definitely easier to work with. If you’re counting your dollars however, there’s always the shipping boxes you can find in recycling bins behind you’re local grocery store, Starbucks, etc. Also, many Uhaul locations now have used boxes available for free as a “take a box, leave a box”. Then, when your move is finished, you can always pay if forward by dropping the boxes back at the Uhaul.

3. Do Sweat The Small Stuff:

The best way to get the most out of your movers is to use them for what you can’t do yourself. The more time you have them loading all of the odds and ends, the longer your move is going to take. Make the most of it and have them moving the large furniture and the bigger boxes.

4. Objects MAY Be Larger Than They Appear:

There are times where some of your over-sized furniture may need some finessing to get it out of your place. If you know that last time the guys moved your 9′ sleeper sofa in to your place, they had to take all the doors off the hinges and unscrew all 4 legs, taking care of those things before we arrive will help save time and money. We recommend removing all clothes and items from any dressers. This helps keep the weight down and is safer for the piece as it is being transported.

5. Moving Access Is EVERYTHING:

There is just no way around the fact that a long distance between the truck and your home is going to take time. Long walks, stairs and elevators are guaranteed to add time to the move. We always recommend giving us the most accurate access info you can so we can properly staff the move and make it as smooth and quick as possible.

6. YOU Are The Moving Director:

We appreciate and prefer when a customer is present and telling us where they want things to go when moving into their new place. Moving is much faster when we know where the furniture is going to live. Having boxes clearly marked with which room you would like them in will help make things quick and save you the headache of trying to move things on your own later.

7. Some “Dis” Assembly Required:

Taking care of any furniture that may need disassembly ahead of time will help cut down on move time. We do insist that all electronics including TVs, stereos and other systems are disconnected prior to our arrival.



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