Downtown Los Angeles which is Los Angeles’ central business area, is not just known for its unique skyline, museums, parks, hotels, but also its amazing restaurants. Because of the populace’s ethnic diversity, one could find restaurants of different varieties ranging from Chinese to Thai, to Indian, to Mexican, and Italian. With the growing population recorded in the area over the past few years, and plenty of people using to move to LA, it only fits to say that the demand for food is also high, and only the top best restaurants can provide not just tasty meals but an adequate environment too. An excellent restaurant is not just judged by its cuisines and cocktails but also its style, mode of operation, and hospitality.

Restaurants are fast becoming an integral part of any locale, not just for residents but also for the tourist attraction it provides. Also, we can say it is almost a cliché that people carry out business meetings and transactions in the top restaurants.

Here are the top 10 best restaurants in Downtown Los Angeles. So, whether you are in Downtown Los Angeles for a night, a week, or even for a tourism exhibition, you can visit any of the listed top 10 best restaurants in Los Angeles. Let’s have a look at our list now, shall we?

1. 71Above

This is one fancy and classy restaurant you can find on the 71st floor of 633W 5th Street, Downtown Los Angeles. This restaurant is majorly known for its Skylounge that gives an amazing view of Los Angeles’s skyline. The view from this restaurant, especially at sunset, is magnificent and truly a sight to behold. This restaurant is expensive, so if you are on a budget, look elsewhere. Despite the costly nature of this restaurant, it does not prevent a massive flow of customers. Who wouldn’t like to make a reservation? Anyone with an excellent sense of taste and style would know that the experience is worth every single penny spent.

This restaurant fits all occasions: birthday dinners, romantic dinners, family dinner, business meetings or dinner, etc. The interior is exquisite with a hexagonal-shaped ceiling coffer and good lighting that radiates on the gold walls. It is well spacious, and aside from the Skylounge, they also have a large dining hall and a fine bar area, a curved booth space that can accommodate up to five persons. There is also a strict “business casual” dress code policy in the restaurant. Although there have been complaints about parking, one cannot deny the fact that 71Above is a great restaurant, regardless. The food tastes great, and the bar offers you excellent wine and cocktail choices. One added advantage of 71Above is the ease with which you could make a reservation. It’s no wonder it’s considered one of the top 10 best restaurants in Downtown Los Angeles.

2. Badmaash

If your taste buds crave for tasty cuisine and you are in the neighborhood of Downtown Los Angeles, look no further, my friend, Badmaash is the place for you. Over the years, this Indian restaurant has carved out a niche for themselves in the art of tasty and healthy Indian meals. It’s for the reason you can easily find them on the top 10 best restaurants in Los Angeles list.

Located in 2nd Street of Downtown Los Angeles, this restaurant is not very fancy and classy, but they have a wonderful setting with a well-detailed Indian-themed design. This restaurant’s staff are very hospitable.

Badmaash serves both traditional and modern Indian cuisines and vegan-friendly meals. One notable feature of Badmaash is that they provide takeout services with no alteration to the meal’s quality, meaning you can enjoy a nice Indian delicacy from the comfort of your home or on the go.

3. Otium

We can see this American restaurant next to the Broad Museum. There is a certain ambiance and comfort you get from the very moment you step into Otium – almost second to none. This restaurant exudes class and simplicity. Their exclusive wine list is also a fine feature of this restaurant.

The chefs go a long way to ensure that the meals are of prime quality, both in taste and appearance. One could easily pass off a critical review about the restaurant based on their poor staff services, but the calm, ambiance, good interior décor, tasty meals, and fine wine collection truly makes up for it.

4. Redbird

Redbird some time ago was the famous Italianate Cathedral of Saint Vibiana. It’s a new American restaurant that serves wonderful American cuisines and cocktails in their own unique and exciting way; they even give catchy names to their cocktails, which appeals to those who patronize them find appealing.

They have an excellent branding style and nice historic-themed décor. The meals served are a delight to the taste buds and at a low cost too, which makes it more desirable. They also offer takeout services and are open for brunch or dinner events. Whatever the occasion, be sure to catch a treat from the ever-delightful Redbird.

5. Little Sister Downtown

Down in 7th Street, Downtown Los Angeles lays this amazing Southeast Asian restaurant, Little Sister. We know them to serve some of the best Vietnamese and Asian dishes. One of their must-try specials for anyone visiting is their lemongrass chicken sandwich. They have top chefs and an excellent wine and cocktail selection.

This Asian restaurant is not extreme in terms of size, but it is well spacious with a suitable table and seat arrangement. Their menu list is pricey, and their services can be a letdown sometimes too. They also have takeout service, if you want a Little Sister on the go.

6. Q Sushi

This is a traditional Japanese restaurant that serves meals using the Omakase menu system. This restaurant is exquisite with a strong traditional Japanese setting. Their sushi is something you may find nowhere else in Los Angeles, and they have chefs that are well skilled in the art. Talk about making the top 10 best restaurants in Downtown Los Angeles list!

Q Sushi’s meals are expensive, but anyone that has spent on a meal here would say that you get your money’s worth. This is by far no ordinary sushi restaurant as they also provide fine wine to wash meals down with. The busy and crowded environment shouldn’t prevent you from stopping by this pleasant restaurant.

7. RiceBox

Deep in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, RiceBox is a Chinese restaurant considered worthy to be listed on the top 10 best restaurants in Downtown Los Angeles. This restaurant provides an exclusive takeout service. Their user-friendly and easily accessible online app allows one to place orders with ease from any location. They also have a delivery service with terms and conditions attached. RiceBox serves some sweet Cantonese barbecue along with other tasty Chinese dishes.

8. Sonoratown

There are lots of Mexican restaurants in Los Angeles, but no one does it better than Sonoratown. This is a not-so-fancy restaurant, but their meals, style, and services leave a lasting impression on you. They put so much details and emphasis on making the best tacos in town, of which a single bite leaves your taste buds wanting more.

Sonoratown uses a bar-like arrangement, which makes it very easy for orders to be taken and attended to within a short time frame. Once you walk in, you are almost certain to be chewing away in about 10 minutes. The staffs here are amiable and accommodating. Just a matter of minutes, and you’ll get the feeling of being at home in this restaurant. They also offer takeout and delivery services too.

9. Barcito

Barcito is another top restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles to visit. This restaurant has a specialty in cocktails and wine collection, probably because it used to be a café and bar. Barcito is an Argentine bar and restaurant at 12th Street, Downtown, Los Angeles, not so distant from Staples Center.

The quality of their meals is over-hyped, but on average, they make decent meals and make up for it with superb wine and cocktails with exceptional bartenders who are ever ready to serve you in the best way. Barcito is a cool spot for a happy hour or dinner dates, and their interior decoration is adorable, simple yet stylish.

10. Rossoblu

We cannot conclude this article without mentioning this fine Italian restaurant. Italian restaurants are famous for their pasta and wine, and Rossoblu does not disappoint. They have a well-detailed menu list that makes for readability.

You can’t help but notice and admire the paintings on the walls when you step into this restaurant. They have a well-structured table and seat arrangement and good lighting. It is a good romantic setting for a dinner date.

The Bolognese-themed meal is tasty, although expensive, but there’s no surprise why that is. Such class and elegance go hand in hand with some extra greens. One unique feature of Rossoblu that has made it outstanding overtime is their hospitality, both from the management and also the staff.


So when next you find yourself in Downtown Los Angeles whether for a night, a week, a month, whether tourist or resident, be sure to check out any of the restaurants listed above.

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