Moves Within California

Moving more than 100 miles, or across the state of California? Let REAL RocknRoll Movers help you plan, pack and relocate across the Golden state.

California Moves 100+ Miles

Are you moving within California? We’ve got you covered! 

Real RocknRoll Movers is a full-service moving company that can help you with your California move within the state, greater than 100 miles. 

Let Us Help Determine Your Moving Needs

Our goal is to make your move worry-free. You can pack your belongings yourself, or enjoy the stress-free convenience of having the professionals pack for you. Our team will come to you with a truck and all the necessary items to ensure a safe and professional transport of your boxes and furniture. 

Allow Us to Customize Your Move

Here is how we can help you: 

  • Our company provides exceptional moving services, which include packing and unpacking as well
  • Special luxury packages at competitive rates
  • Long-and-short-term storage options
  • Professional storage and transport delivery, which includes arranging items in the desired spot at your new location

The cost of a move within the state of California usually depends on the total distance and total weight of your shipment. Once we have packaged your furniture and other items and have loaded them onto our truck, we will weigh it at a government-regulated weigh station. Our truck is weighed without your shipment, as well. The difference between the two weights will be the total weight of your shipment. 

After knowing the weight of your shipment, you will be provided with the rates so that you can budget accordingly. 

Real RocknRoll Movers has always provided its customers with the most affordable rates on the market. Our team will provide a full detailed and itemized cost of your move. 

Factors That Affect Moving Budget

  • Total distance: How far you are moving will affect the moving rates. Moving somewhere 120 miles from your current location versus 195 miles will incur a price difference.
  • Items you are moving: While distance to be covered affects the moving budget, how many items you are going to move will also determine the total price of your move. (A studio apartment move has a different cost than a full home move).
  • Who will be packing your items? We provide packing and moving supply options to all of our clients. Should you desire professional and efficient packing techniques to ensure that your belongings don’t get damaged, we will pack your entire home for you. Please note that this service is optional!
  • Accessory Charges: If the entry of your new or old home has obstacles that cause the truck to be parked far away or difficult to access, resulting in long carries, multiple flights of stairs and elevators, or using a small shuttle vehicle, additional fees will apply. (This is standard, and not unique to REAL RocknRoll Movers).
  • Storage: If you need additonal storage or an additinal truck, additional fees will apply.
  • Additional Valuation: This has to do with insurance policies and coverage of your items. In the event you don’t have the coverage, we highly recommend you purchase a policy from a third-party insurance company. Don’t worry if you don’t know the process; we will help guide you through it!

Ready to make your long-distance California move? Call us today at (818) 859-7625 to get a free quote and to schedule your move. 

Why People Love Us

REAL Movers

We provide experienced, professional and friendly movers who love making your move safe and fun!

REAL Service

From moving and packing large homes to commercial & office moves, REAL RocknRoll Movers has you covered.

REAL Savings

NO TRUCK FEES. NO STAIR FEES. NO LONG CARRY FEES. EVER. Don’t get nickel and dimed by other companies!

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I need to book my move?

At least 2 weeks is always preferred. The end of the month is the busiest time for moving, so please contact us well in advance to make sure that we have availability. Weekends are people’s preferred move days, so if you have the flexibility to move during the week, we can often accommodate moves with shorter notice.

Are you licensed and insured? Are your movers background checked?

Yes. We are licensed with the state of California ( Cal-T 190785) and the US Dept. of Transportation (USDOT# 3196979). We fully insured with Liability Insurance, Cargo Insurance and Workers Comp Insurance..

Do you pack my stuff or should I do it?

We offer full packing services at great rates. They would need to be scheduled when your move is booked. In the event you do not schedule packing services and choose to pack yourself, all items will need to packed and ready to go prior to our arrival on move day.

What is your delivery range?

We perform moves anywhere within CA. We do not offer interstate moving at this time.

Do you have moving pads, wrapping supplies, dollies and straps for the job?

Yes. Our trucks come equipped with all necessary dollies and equipment to handle your move successfully. All furniture items are covered with moving pads and then stretch wrapped to ensure safe

Can you tell me exactly how much my move will cost me?

Because there are so many variables and every situation is so unique, it’s hard to provide an exact quote for a move. The info you provide helps us give you an estimate and can help get a ballpark figure for the job. We provide a Not To Exceed price for all moves.

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